Politically correct superpower: How Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration

Politically correct superpower: How Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration, by Tove Lifvendahl.

For years, Sweden has regarded itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’ — making its mark on the world not by fighting wars but by offering shelter to war’s victims. Refugees have arrived here in extraordinary numbers. Over the past 15 years, some 650,000 asylum-seekers made their way to Sweden. Of the 163,000 who arrived last year, 32,000 were granted asylum. Sweden accepts more refugees in proportion to size of population [9.6 million] than any other nation in the developed world…

Gang warfare is common, and it doesn’t involve the natives except as collateral damage.

The problems relating to immigration have been building up for years, but the country’s left and right were united in maintaining employment regulations and rent controls that kept immigrants unemployed in ghetto-like suburbs. … A parallel society is emerging where the state’s monopoly on law and order is being challenged.

The “children” problem:

During the Iraq war, about 400 children arrived without their parents each year — and all of them needed a place to live, social support and proper schooling. In 2014, when the number of [unaccompanied] children arriving annually hit 7,000, there were serious questions about how Sweden would cope. Last year, just over 35,000 unaccompanied children registered with the authorities. …

Afghans and Somalis are currently the two biggest groups. Then come Syrians, Ethiopians, Iraqis, Moroccans and Eritreans. Some are fleeing war; many are fleeing poverty and misery.

Strikingly, boys outnumber girls by about five to one.

And it’s far from clear how many may in fact be adults — unlike other countries, Sweden doesn’t test for age. Whatever age the applicant gives is accepted, unless it’s ‘obviously’ untrue. The definition of ‘obvious’ is unclear. During one recent interview on Swedish radio, several asylum-seekers confessed to lying about their age to improve their chances of settlement. One, called Dawood, put it bluntly: ‘If I say I’m grown-up, they’ll deport me.’

The classic hallmarks of political correctness: moral preening by policy makers who pass the costs on to other people, denial of obvious reality, mass lying, the mascots take advantage of the foolishness, and a nasty mess that will be very difficult and expensive to rectify. But those virtue-signalling decision makers looked awesome at their dinner parties!

Child refugees are sent to Swedish schools, but they struggle to integrate and are sometimes placed in separate groups, because of their vastly different learning needs.

What productive citizens and law-abiding Swedes they will make. What a charming euphemism for stupid.

In the last few weeks, we have heard about child prostitutes being pimped out in parking lots, and a Palestinian 15-year-old who, it is feared, was forced into prostitution while living in a care home in Malmo. For some time now, children in care homes have been notoriously easy prey and many of them simply vanish — over the past five years, well over a thousand have done so. These children face a sickeningly high risk of being sucked into a life of crime or even sex slavery. As their abusers well know, there is virtually no chance of anyone coming to look for the ones who go missing.

But remember those dinner parties?

Humanitarian superpower? Soon to be ex-first-world country more like.

hat-tip Stephen Neil