Immigration: A Weapon of Mass Cultural Destruction in Liberal Hands

Immigration: A Weapon of Mass Cultural Destruction in Liberal Hands, by Julio Severo.

It is a fact that conservatives in the United States are losing the culture war mainly through a massive immigration facilitated for decades by liberal policies. Democrats, who are essentially socialists, have a comfortable upper hand on immigration.

muslims pray before the white house

The typical answer from U.S. conservatives is to restrict some immigration. But, by then, America has already been flooded by immigrants who are largely contributing to the liberal project of cultural hegemony in the U.S.

To fit the ever-changing liberal population profile induced by mass immigration, conservatives and Republicans are increasingly espousing liberal ideas, methods and policies. Immigration is changing the way conservatives and Republicans think and behave politically. Because of the huge army of immigrants serving the Democratic Party, Republicans and their stances, especially their actions, are increasingly less conservative, while Democrats behave increasingly more liberal.

Irresponsible immigration is aimed at making the Left, not America, strong.

Who will win this war? Those with an ineffectual answer of immigration restrictions or those working for decades to flood America with immigrants hungry for socialist handouts?

Sadly, the latter are already winning and in a few decades America will be remade according to their liberal image and likeness.

Think the same isn’t happening in Australia? Australia’s immigration rate, per current citizen, is higher than America’s and one of the highest in the world.