“Dangerous Don” and his Dangerous Detractors

“Dangerous Don” and his Dangerous Detractors, by Jim Goad.

According to the professional pundits who are paid to dictate reality to us, Donald Trump is clearly an evil Satanic Nazi demon…

According to the nervous Germans at Der Spiegel, “Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Claiming that he appeals mainly to “whites and those with relatively little education,” these cuckolded Krauts smear Trump as “the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement” and is a “threat to world peace.” …

The New York Times refers to Trump as “Donald the Dangerous,” implying that there is no “scarier nightmare” than Trump’s “sweaty finger on the nuclear trigger.” Fairly shitting himself with indignation, a Times blogger says Trump’s supporters are drawn to his “polluted ideas” because they are motivated not by, oh, an eroded manufacturing base and a fracturing culture that despises their very existence but by those old liberal bugaboos of “fear, resentment and hate.” The Times even refers to Trump as “evil,” the most anti-intellectual word ever devised.

Gosh, our ABC has been relatively restrained.

I’m starting to notice a pattern here — Trump’s legions of naysayers always manage to sound far more bombastic and insane than Trump ever does. For all their claims about his “fear mongering,” it’s readily apparent who’s hysterically and desperately flailing in their attempts to stir a giant boiling rancid vat of fear here. Listen to the fear. Observe the hyperbole. Everything Trump’s critics say is far more unhinged and fearful than anything he says.