Team B for political correctness: Turnbull team must unite to fulfil its mandate

Team B for political correctness: Turnbull team must unite to fulfil its mandate, by Jennifer Oriel. Team A in Australia is of course the ALP and Greens.

The Turnbull team cannot progress while it is mired in a grievance culture whose constitution is the antithesis of classical liberalism.

Grievance culture undermines the idea of liberal democracy by eliminating the central tenets of liberalism: individualism, small government, freedom of speech and personal responsibility.

Collectivist politics, bloated government, gag laws and rights agendas take their place. The Turnbull government must summon greater political maturity to fulfil its election mandate by prosecuting policy that reflects the philosophical foundations of the Liberal Party.

The Turnbull cabinet champions the collectivist politics of manufactured minorities by refusing to amend section 18C in the interest of free speech.

It defends bloated government by attacking the superannuation of high income earners instead of slashing government spending. It uses class warfare rhetoric to deflect criticism of its attack on wealth creators. And in line with the Left media, it dismisses defenders of Liberal principles as marginal conservatives inured of power.

The opposition to deficit reduction:

The Left media has begun its predictable assault on government debt reduction by reframing it as a blow to state-designated minorities.

The Green-Left worsens intergenerational debt by blocking savings measures and draining taxpayers’ income with big-spending policies in education and health whose direct effects are rarely evaluated. …

Labor created a debt disaster by leaving a cumulative deficit of $250bn and $80bn in unfunded promises for health and education policies. The commonwealth debt stands at more than $400bn.