The Alt Right Breakout

The Alt Right Breakout, by John Derbyshire. It happened, finally.

This is nothing but good news. Establishment strategy for years has been to silence the Alt-Right, to seal off any outlets through which our ideas might leak out into the public square.

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Google search volumes for the last year

The Alt-Right is godless. An interesting not-much-remarked feature of the Alt-Right, distinguishing it from the traditional American Right, is its godlessness. The Nine Theses of Alt-Right heresy [image below]… don’t even mention religion, except obliquely, in reference to “Cultural Diversity”. …

Some of this irreligious tendency is just the slow slide away from organized Christianity among all sections of society … There is a selection factor at work, too, though. Any individual human being is more or less inclined to religious styles of thought and behavior. In the Western world today, those more inclined might of course attach themselves to traditional Christianity; or they might turn to ideology.

As has often been noted, state ideologies, like the Cultural Marxism that currently holds sway in the West, key to the same social and psychological receptors as religions. …

Alt-Right types — all of them, though in many different ways — are reacting against this state ideology.

Alt-right is a spectrum of philosophies that reject politically correctness (the main problem with traditional conservatism today being that it is the team-B of political correctness, team-A being the leftist party):

What characterizes the Alt-Right is the rejection of Cultural Marxism; but while it characterizes us, it doesn’t unify us. That’s because we haven’t fled from the CultMarx pseudo-religion to some other, unifying faith. We don’t do faith. …

It’s also why there is a strong mood of empiricism, of openness to science, among the Alt-Right. We are strongly disposed to believe our own lying eyes, and the properly replicated, reviewed work of careful scientists, over the ukases of some authority figure or the social consensus. That’s why we’re race realists. The little lad in Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” grew up to be an Alt-Rightist.


The Nine Theses of Alt-Right heresy, according to some

By the way, alt-right is not the same as libertarianism, though apparently many alt-right people are ex-libertarians.

The nub of the difference seems to be that the alt-right wants borders, to prevent an influx of left-voting third worlders becoming citizens and voting to destroy liberty and property, redistributing property to themselves. While libertarianism is a fine philosophy in an homogeneous society of capable and resourceful people, it may fail if those conditions do not exist. The alt-righters see liberty within borders, rather than a borderless world.