Canadian Paradise: Only for Homosexual Thugs, Not for Christians

Canadian Paradise: Only for Homosexual Thugs, Not for Christians, by Julio Severo.

Christian activist Bill Whatcott … [infiltrated] the 2016 Toronto gay pride parade, while he and his Christian friends were dressed as “gay zombies” in green suits to distribute leaflets which graphically warned about the health dangers of homosexual sex and accused socialist politicians of being in cahoots with the gay agenda. …

Christian dressed as “gay zombies” in green suits

Clearly speech that is not an incitement to violence, so it should be free. However the gay lobby hates that sort of speech, and uses legal big guns to suppress it and intimidate those who criticize their lifestyle.

Prominent homosexual activists Christopher Hudspeth and George Smitherman, a former Liberal Deputy Premier, have filed a $104-million class action lawsuit against [them]. They are suing Whatcott for mental distress on behalf of Toronto’s entire gay community and for libel against various socialist leaders including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

That’s ridiculous, and even those who marched in the gay parade say so:

Danielle McLaughlin, former Education Director at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, who herself marched at the gay parade and describes Whatcott as a “homophobic sexist”, couldn’t help mocking the homosexual activists who are suing him: “Really? What kind of damage have they suffered as a result of Whatcott’s flyers? … Did my LGBTQ family members and friends experience pain and suffering as a result of Whatcott’s words? Not that I noticed or heard about.”

The purpose is to intimidate critics:

Their class action lawsuit may seem ridiculous, but Hudspeth and Smitherman know exactly what they are doing. This is a fear campaign, intended to silence all Christian activists and journalists who may be critical of the gay agenda. The demand for $104 million is meant to show just how giant the plaintiffs’ boxing gloves are, threatening financial ruin to all those who dare squeak in opposition.

Whatcott, commenting on his speech:

Whatcott, with other Christians, had paid the $100 fee to the Toronto Gay Pride Parade organizers to register their invented “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” so that they could move more easily along the parade route to distribute a pamphlet that showed graphic images of diseases associated with same-sex behaviors, including anal warts and AIDS.

The pamphlet was not forced on homosexuals.

“I asked them if they wanted ‘Zombie safe sex,’” Whatcott told LifeSiteNews at the time.  “Everyone loved it. But, if you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead.”

“But, give them some wackadoddle thing that looks like a condom, and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had three thousand out in 20 minutes,” he said.

Frees speech, but only for the politically correct:

Canada is a “developed” nation that fully guarantees unilateral free speech to anti-Christians. In fact, anti-Christians — especially homosexualists and Muslims — are entitled to verbal and legal aggression against Christians. …

[I]f you offer the Gospel, they swear at you. But if you offer a pamphlet about kinky zombie sex and cannabis, they love it!

Bill Whatcott’s case is being used by the Canadian homosexual activism to frighten Christians into hiding themselves in the closet.