A fresh reminder that the Clintons never play by the rules

A fresh reminder that the Clintons never play by the rules, an editorial in the New York Post. The latest Clinton muck:

How about that: Among the 14,900 “new” Hillary Clinton emails uncovered by the FBI are 30 or so that concern the Benghazi attack — the most controversial single episode in Clinton’s four years running the State Department. So much for Clinton’s claim that she’d handed over all her work-related emails.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- access for sale

The Clinton operating procedure:

This is a taste of what a Hillary presidency would bring, just as Bill’s did back in the ’90s — endless low-level scandal, occasionally flaring up into something far larger.

It’s no mystery why. The Clintons just refuse to play by the rules — whether it’s “renting out” the Lincoln Bedroom to big campaign donors in Bill’s White House, or giving preferential access to big Clinton Foundation donors at Hillary’s State Department.

And when they get caught, they never, ever just apologize and come clean. Instead, they circle the wagons and stonewall. Finally they answer the drip, drip, drip of fresh damning details with chants of “Old news” and “Let’s move on.”

Welcome to 2016 – 2020 – 2024?