Some Observations From the Man Who Created Alt-Right: An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart and Trump

Some Observations From the Man Who Created Alt-Right: An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart and Trump, by Paul Gottfried.

At their best, Altright commentators offer a welcome contrast to what Peter Brimelow styles “conservatism, inc.”  They are a breath of fresh air for anyone like me who occasionally forces himself to look at the centrist bilge, ostentatious beating up on Confederate symbols and the shilling for multinational corporations that I encounter on the respectable (non-right) Right.

Parts of the Republican establishment are working to get Hillary elected.

I need hardly add that next to the Never Trump crew laboring directly or indirectly to elect “crooked Hillary” as our next president, my Altright acquaintances are exemplary defenders of the American republic. And here I won’t bother to draw already meaningless distinctions between those neocons and establishment Republicans who, like Robert Kagan, Max Boot, Brent Scowcroft and Richard Armitage, are working actively for Hillary’s election and those who like Bill Kristol, Guy Benson and Eric Erickson are energetically sliming Trump whenever they can create the occasion. The two groups are hoping to produce the same results.

The prankish, outrageous side of the Alt-Right get it into “trouble”:

Unfortunately there is this hitch among representatives of Altright. At least some of them show tasteless prankishness and a tendency to say outrageous things just to shock. I told AP that there are “moderates” on Altright; and they are the ones who construct the convincing arguments.

Unfortunately our leftist (indeed Cultural Marxist) media are more interested in embarrassing the entire Right by quoting the nuttiest remarks made by those identified with the Altright than they are in noticing inconvenient truths.

And it’s obvious to me that statements that come out of Altright, intended to unsettle blacks, Hispanics, and Jews (but kindly note never the gay lobby), are counterproductive. They do nothing to enhance the credibility of this oppositional force.

But is a result of the horrendous media bias:

[The first thing that a serious Right must learn is that it’s not competing on a level playing field. What Trump describes as the “lying, crooked” media have been fixing the field to their advantage for decades.

The clients of the multicultural Left can hurl obscenities at white people and burn America flags and have their misdeeds hidden or excused. The other side, very broadly understood, will be tarred with charges of bigotry, no matter how obsequiously it “reaches out.”

This unfortunately is the way things are, and those in Altright with loose tongues who enjoy shocking should at least recognize that they will never be in a position of power or influence unless they practice verbal restraint.

The future:

On a more optimistic note: the beginnings of an effective post-neoconservative Right may be taking shape in the form of the Trump movement. … This is the most promising attempt to create a post-neoconservative Right that I have seen since being exiled from the conservative movement eons ago. …

Often in politics, it’s the enemy that unites, and in this case those whom circumstances have brought together, have chosen their adversaries well. They are facing with very limited resources, the ultimate traitors to the Right and to an America that should be spared Hillary’s picks for federal judgeships and her refusal to fight specifically Muslim terrorists.

hat-tip Stephen Neil