Conditions Deteriorate at Migrant ‘Jungle’ in Calais

Conditions Deteriorate at Migrant ‘Jungle’ in Calais, by the Wall Street Journal.

These camps are a really bad advert for migration. What a pig sty. I’m sure most Britons can’t wait to have these people join them.

A reader writes: “I volunteered once at a Japanese camp for people displaced by the Kobe earthquake and it was spotless, so clean and ordered by the residents that we had really nothing to help out with except throw a party for them. These were the poorest Japanese people in Kobe, from the part with the worst houses that got flattened. The Japanese are a lot like the British in WWII: big sense of local community, easy to raise money and support, with a spirit of self reliance and industry.” A high-trust society.

Japanese emergency camp

Japanese emergency camp.

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