Britons in BLACKMAIL threat from hardline Islamists if they wear BIKINIS on the beach

Britons in BLACKMAIL threat from hardline Islamists if they wear BIKINIS on the beach, by Leda Reynolds.

Every year around 500,000 Brits jet off to Morocco, which is known for its year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches and tantalising food.

However, while many women in the UK add their bikini to their suitcase without a second thought, Islamists in Morocco are warning those caught wearing skimpy swimwear will have their photograph taken and the image posted online for millions around the world to see.

The hardliners are angry women from the West are showing flesh in a country where more than 99 per cent of the population is Muslim, modesty is expected and many females wear headscarves.

The pictures were snapped secretly as victims relaxed on beaches or frolicked in the waves and are meant to shame the women into “repenting”. The images were accompanied by a variety of posts urging women to “turn to religion”. One read: “This is what happens in Morocco, land of Islam, principality of believers.”

Robert Spencer comments:

While the world convulses in horror over France enforcing its now-discarded burkini ban on French beaches, few realize that these threats in Morocco are the real wave of the future, and that before too long it will be far more dangerous for a non-Muslim woman to wear a bikini to a beach that it has ever been for Muslimas to sport burkinis there.

And also, contrary to the Express headline, this is not a blackmail threat. What British woman can be blackmailed by photos of her in a bikini? This is much more likely to be a death threat: an implicit call to Muslims in Britain to kill the women in the photos.

hat-tip Stephen Neil