Aboriginal mum posts daughter’s ‘whiteface’ photos: What now, PC offendatrons?

Aboriginal mum posts daughter’s ‘whiteface’ photos: What now, PC offendatrons? by the BBC (ok, the “offendatrons” bit wasn’t in the original headline).

An Indigenous Australian mother has posted photos of her daughter dressed in “whiteface” [three years ago] in response to a debate over “blackface”.

Aboriginal girl in whiteface

No one complained.

Last week a young boy in Perth attended a school event with his skin painted black in tribute to his idol, Australian Rules player Nic Naitanui.

Little boyu dressed as Nic Naitanui

Little boy in blackface triggered outrage from the PC crew

The incident sparked furious discussion on social media.

Bec Bee, who is of Aboriginal descent, said there were “double standards” inflaming racial debates in Australia.

“I didn’t see blackface,” she told the BBC. “I saw a young fella who was proud to emulate his idol. There was no intent of racism.”

“Not once did anyone say anything when I painted my black daughter white 3 years ago. We need to stop the double standards, a hero is a hero!” Ms Bee wrote.

Tough for the PC  crew when their mascots argue back against them. The usual response is to ignore them by denying them any media, but somehow this one slipped through. This virtue signaler valiantly battles on, trying to sidestep the charge of hypocrisy:

“Just because it doesn’t offend you, doesn’t mean it’s not offensive,” said Facebook user Aliera French.

Notes a commenter: “Aliera French” does not sound like a ‘person of color’, but she is lecturing a ‘person of color’ on racism — so she must be a “racist.” Another petard of contradictions blows up in the face of the politically correct.