The radical left’s ethnic cleansing of America

The radical left’s ethnic cleansing of America, by Trump campaign advisor and anti-TPP activist Curtis Ellis. He is catching heat for unabashedly stating that free-trade deals are designed to literally exterminate the white working class. His argument:

The New Left sneered at white, blue-collar men as racists and the labor unions that represented them as bastions of white privilege that must be destroyed. …

The Democratic Party’s new bosses were born of and members of the privileged professional class. They saw a future where no one toiled in factories, where the entire country would be like them – college educated “symbolic analysts” who work with their heads, not their hands. This is the “post-industrial new economy” the Clintons and Obama tout as “inevitable,” though it’s actually a social engineering experiment on an unprecedented scale.

Here is the core of his allegation:

The party cadres set out to build their brave new world and eliminate their class enemies – read: white working people. It is in this context that we understand why Clinton and company push so-called “free trade” deals like NAFTA and Obamatrade, corporatist schemes that move America’s manufacturing assets – and jobs – to Mexico, China and elsewhere. If you believe, as do the leftists, that America has more than it deserves and Americans are racists, the global redistribution of our wealth and the death (literally) of white working people is a desired outcome, a feature not a bug.

And of course the environmentalists:

Professional environmentalists enthusiastically embraced America’s de-industrialization, though unregulated industries in China and Mexico are far more destructive to air, water, forests and the people who depend on them than any of America’s EPA-supervised factories. Even the tree-huggers who weren’t consciously seeking a return to a pre-industrial era had nevertheless bought into the prevailing “America is bad” mindset of the left.

And Wall Street:

It was the Clintons who struck the devil’s bargain. Wall Street wanted cheap labor; the Clintons wanted Wall Street money for themselves and their party. For 30 pieces of silver, they delivered working Americans to the slaughter. (The Republican establishment and other elements of the GOP coalition were also down with the program.)

An interesting theory. Probably wise not to take it too literally, but there does seem to be a grain of truth in there.