The only way to make a ‘safe space’ for conservatives at universities

The only way to make a ‘safe space’ for conservatives at universities, by Roger Scruton. Students at a book launch in Scotland asked:

Where do we turn for comfort when our reading lists are gibberish about which we can understand only that it is all left-wing? Is there no network, no secret society, no alternative reading list to get us through the next three years? Is there, in a modern university, no ‘safe space’ for conservatives?

Scruton’s answer:

I know of only one solution to leftist takeovers, and that is to start again.

When we set up the underground university in Prague, we composed a curriculum entirely of classics on a budget of £50,000 a year. We the teachers, and they the students, were volunteers; our shared concern was knowledge, not ideology; conversation, not conscription.

Once the state takes over, however, and its vast resources are made available to people otherwise incapable of earning a penny, the fakes and the frauds muscle in. Chanting gobbledegook from Deleuze confers an air of erudition on even the most second-rate intellect, and since in most humanities departments teaching is no longer required and the only tests are political, there is no answer to those desperate students except to start something new.

hat-tip Stephen Neil