Death threats in Nic Nat blackface debate

Death threats in Nic Nat blackface debate, by Natasha Christian. A star of the local football team, Nic Naitanui is black and dreadlocked.

Nic Naitanui

A young fan wanted to dress like his hero for a school parade. As his mum said:

“I was a little worried about painting him (so many politically correct extremists these days),” she posted on a popular social blogger’s wall.

“He is pasty white and if I sent him in a wig and footy gear, no one would tell who he was. So I grew a set of balls and painted my boy brown and he looked fan****tastic.”

The mother said her son won the best dressed parade, despite being told the idea was “horrible” by other parents.

Little boyu dressed as Nic Naitanui

The reaction from the PC crew was awful — “stamp out blasphemy ” they said. Well, not exactly, but that is what they meant:

The mum said she stood by her decision to give her son blackface and that she has been called “every single name under the sun” after being labelled a racist across social media for sharing her son’s picture. …

Once posted on blogger Constance Hall’s wall, the picture went viral with thousands of people slamming the mother’s decision.

The popular Perth blogger later told her followers she deleted the mother’s post because her site is “not a place for posts that can hurt people”. …

Which led to an over-the-top counter reaction (although, as we’ve learned in climate change, these things are often faked):

This morning, the blogger posted a photograph of her in tears alongside a post about how she had received death threats over the comments.

“I didn’t think I was shaming her at all…I have been called every name under the sun, called a fake, told that I am too big for my boots over and over again.”

The mom got a lot of support, so there is resistance at last to PC. Maybe that’s one PC blogger who will think twice before slamming someone for blasphemy and encouraging social ostracism.

Despite the controversy, the mother of the boy said she still had “a little hope for humanity” after receiving hundreds of inbox messages supporting her decision to paint her son brown.

Despite the initial outrage, hundreds have taken to social media to support the mum’s decision.

The PC religion keeps changing. A few decades blackface was ok, but then it became blasphemous under any circumstances and social media took to slamming anyone who did it. Too many PC people are just itching to slam anyone who strays from their one true (but changing) faith.

And the footballer? He was fine with it.

hat-tip Matthew