A Swing And A Miss: How Triggered Hillary Screwed Up Her Chance To Take On The Alt-Right

A Swing And A Miss: How Triggered Hillary Screwed Up Her Chance To Take On The Alt-Right, by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Last night, geriatric Hillary took aim at Breitbart, the alt-right and me in an effort to smear Daddy Donald as a bigot. Unfortunately the speech was low energy, inaccurate and above all sad. It was like a drive-by shooting with a water pistol fired from a mobility scooter.

Clinton spoke at Truckee Meadows Community College, an intimate setting for the modest crowds Hillary attracts. If Trump was in Reno, he’d be at the Lawler Events Center at the University of Neva Reno campus with a standing room only crowd in the 12,000 seat arena.

Hillary Clinton off on one of her conspiracy theories

Hillary’s message can be distilled into a simple litany — everything is racist, everything is sexist and everything is Islamophobic. But only if you’re a white male.

Donald Trump was completely correct when he pointed out that the left falls back on identity politics when they have nothing else. …

Hillary loves calling for Trump to disavow people, but she was awfully slow to disavow the support of Islamist and mass-murderer dad Seddique Mateen. Has she disavowed friend and mentor Robert Byrd, former Klansman?

As for conspiracy theories, nothing on InfoWars comes close to what Hillary alleged in her speech — that the alt-right has gone from posting frog pictures on the internet to dictating the direction of the Trump campaign. Mad! …

The alt-right and the Trump coalition in general looks at Europe and says “We will not let it happen here”. Hillary Clinton looks at Europe and says “The future is now.” …

She also brought out a Mexican proverb to damn Trump for consorting with supervillains like me and Bannon. She said “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.” So what does that make Hillary… not, a minor member of the Saudi Royal Family? That’s the same Saudi Royal Family that puts gays to death while it fills the coffers of the Democrat nominee, in case you’d forgotten.