Uproar as Fremantle council cancels Australia Day events

Uproar as Fremantle council cancels Australia Day events, by Victoria Laurie.

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The historic port of Fremantle, home of the dockworkers who ­inspired an AFL team and scene of one of Australia’s most titanic sporting battles, has decided it no longer wishes to celebrate our ­national day.

In a 10-to-one vote, Fremantle city councillors voted in favour of ditching Australia Day fireworks out of sensitivity to Aborigines who may identify January 26 as “invasion day”. …

The council also voted “to discuss with the Chamber of Commerce and Nyoongar Elders other options for marking Australia Day”.

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce chief executive Olwyn Williams said there had been “zero consultation” before the council pulled the pin.

But it is the council’s broad rejection of Australia’s national day in favour of “a more culturally sensitive event” that has some scratching their heads. …

[C]ouncil staff will plan new events to “potentially align with significant times on the Aboriginal Nyoongar calendar” and family events such as a laser light show.

It’s perfectly obvious what happened. Fremantle, part of Perth, is like any large Australian inner city, voting solidly Green and Labor. The PC council  wanted to show how morally superior and trendy it was. Symbolic measures such as these are perfect for virtue signalling.

What’s next? Dropping Christmas so as not to offend Muslims?