Pauline Hanson demands immigration ban after backpacker killing

Pauline Hanson demands immigration ban after backpacker killing, by AAP.

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson used the tragedy to reissue calls for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

“I’m not going to be silenced on yet another attack involving Islamic extremism — especially one occurring in the state I am representing in the Senate,” she said.

Nationals MP George Christensen and independent Bob Katter have also called for a ban on Middle Eastern and North African migrants.

Bob Katter: ban Muslim Middle East, North Africa immigration, by Jared Owens.

Independent MP Bob Katter, the grandson of a [Christian] Lebanese migrant, has urged the Coalition government to impose a ban on Muslim immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr Katter said Middle Eastern migrants’ reliance on welfare benefits would drive Australia “bankrupt” while increasing the threat of terrorist attacks.

“The time has come now to stop people from those countries coming to Australia. And if that is an extremist position, is it an extremist position for Saudi Arabia and Dubai; they won’t let any of those people in,” Mr Katter told Sky News last night.

Mr Katter said the policy would not extend to persecuted Jews, Sikhs and Christians, and should not affect Islamic populations outside the Middle East, such as Indonesia, he said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil