Hillary’s strategy is to run out the clock

Hillary’s strategy is to run out the clock, by Austin Bay.

Run out the clock. 75 days left in the campaign so the clock’s running. Trump needs to pound away on her corruption and sleaze. If she’s running out the clock (in the basketball sense) I guess that means he needs to run a full court press. But he doesn’t have the press, does he? I don’t think the AP report has cracked Hillary’s Media Privilege. Media Privilege is why Team Hillary thinks it can ride out the scandals by opening pickle jars and cackling.

Hillary Clinton, followed by Huma Abedin. Green Valley High School - Henderson, NV 208

Commenter DrDean:

Hillary is just leaving it to the Republicans to finish beating themselves with a big assist from the media. The Republicans are doing a fantastic job of committing suicide by destroying Trump’s chances.

Commneter rjarango:

Seems to me that’s not a bad strategy for Clinton — privately raise money, issue tweets, and let the media do the heavy lifting.

It’s Trump versus the media, with Clinton almost a bystander.