Syria crisis: China claims Omran images are ‘fake’ and being used as ‘Western propaganda’

Syria crisis: China claims Omran images are ‘fake’ and being used as ‘Western propaganda’, by Neil Connor.

Chinese state media have suggested that haunting images of Omran Daqneesh, who was pulled from rubble after an air strike in Syria, could have been faked and used as part of a “propaganda war” by the West.

Video suspected of being fake

Millions of people around the world have been shocked by the footage of the three-year-old who narrowly survived a raid by Russian or Syian regime forces which killed his brother in the rebel-held district of Qaterji in Aleppo. …

“Critics have suggested that [the video] is part of a propaganda war, aimed at creating a ‘humanitarian’ excuse for Western countries to become involved in Syria,” a voice-over in the report by state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) said.

Here’s an image of a child in Syria that you don’t see in the Western media:


This toddler girl was reportedly chained and made to watch her Shia parents being executed (her heart may later have been literally carved out by the Muslim fundamentalist “rebels”).

The western media chooses to ignore images that portray Islam — the totalitarian political ideology, rather than the spiritual movement — in a bad light. The narrative is that Islam is inherently peaceful and the West needs to take in millions of Muslim migrants. Especially if the evil Russians are bombing them.

The modern media is little better than those British propaganda stories in WWI about German soldiers bayoneting children and otherwise being monsters. (Those stories were not generally true, of course.)

hat-tip Stephen Neil