Right On Cue: Establishment Uses Putin Dog-Whistle As Similarities To Brexit Campaign Deepen

Right On Cue: Establishment Uses Putin Dog-Whistle As Similarities To Brexit Campaign Deepen, by Raheem Kassam.

The Clinton campaign alongside the establishment media have begun blowing the Vladimir Putin dog-whistle, just as their European counterparts did during the United Kingdom’s referendum on its membership of the European Union.

Almost as if on cue, news outlets have begun parroting the same old lines used by Britain’s political establishment before June of this year, when they accused anti-establishment ‘Leave’ campaigners of doing the bidding for, if not being directly linked to, the Russian president and the Kremlin. …

In the run up to the Brexit referendum, U.S. outlets even went as far as to call Mr. Putin’s (lack of) interventions “meddling.” The same charge was never levelled by the media at U.S. President Barack Obama when he flew to the United Kingdom and lectured Britons on how they should vote. In fact, he threatened the country’s economy and trade position in the world if they refused to follow his advice. But this was deemed appropriate. … The U.S. establishment … has all of its eggs in the globalism basket. …

In March a Kremlin spokesman said: “Russia is being dragged into the domestic debate on Brexit. Why is the wicked Russia thesis used to explain a Government policy? We’d like the British people to know that those pronouncements have nothing to do with Russia’s policy,” the embassy said. “As a matter of fact, our Government doesn’t have an opinion on Britain’s place in the EU.”

Despite this far less “meddling” tactic, links to Russia were one of the most consistent messages of the ‘Remain’ campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ strategy to keep Britain in the European Union. Even the Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, invoked the threat of Russia to try and convince Britons to stay in.

Russia and the Western public:

Many Europeans see [Russia] today as a stalwart of conservatism. Authoritarian, state-driven, religious conservatism. But conservatism nonetheless. There is a wafer-thin line between the political philosophies of Marine Le Pen’s Front National and Mr. Putin’s Russia.

And while the [PC crew] may think that abhorrent, the public does not.

It’s amazing how often we have to go to Russia Today (RT) to find good reporting on the West.