Can we stop promoting good ideas through douchebaggy means?

Can we stop promoting good ideas through douchebaggy means? by Zbyhnev.

Dear activist arseholes: stop making me oppose good things. …

A few years ago, people in western countries have collectively decided that riding bicycles is a good thing for a number of reasons … Right then, let’s ride bikes when possible. End of story.

But no.

True to the axiom that “An idiot will turn even knitting into a fascist franchise”, the cause was picked up by the usual preoccupied sorts who try to twist anything and everything into an attack vector on modern civilization, capitalism and the unwashed proles.

As a result, every time I get on my bike, I think “Oh god, I hope nobody mistakes me for one of those”. …

It’s not just bicycles – it’s gay rights*, recycling, food waste, race relations, feminism, inequality, ethical consumption, refugees, anything and everything in any way related to the environment – everything is turned into vaguely fascist clubs for self-righteous hipsters. …

*100% of the gay people I know (which is, true, a single digit number) absolutely despise the narcissistic flamboyancy of pride parades. Ditto for my high achieving lawyer, executive, doctor, and ultramarathoner female friends and “feminism”, which they all consider a rude word.

The conviction that “the people are just too dumb to get it” is what happens when Nano-Napoleons too arrogant to admit they’re wrong don’t succeed in pushing their ideas onto a public that in aggregate is substantially smarter than themselves.

It reflects a pessimistic and ultimately self serving view of humanity: an “elite” (hereby defined as “badly bearded maoist misanthrope”) must drag the idiotic proles kicking and screaming to their own good.

Who needs personal choice when the “right answer” is known to the cognoscenti/priesthood, no?

They want to be dictatorial, and the rest is rationalization.

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Even the lefties are getting annoyed.

hat-tip Matthew