Trump 2.0?

Trump 2.0? by John Hinderaker.

Over the last week, Donald Trump has delivered a series of remarkable speeches that have, in my view, reinvigorated his candidacy. The most recent was yesterday, in Charlotte. The speech has gotten a lot of attention, much of it directed to Trump’s sort-of-apology for some of the rude things he said during the primary season. No doubt Trump is trying to unify the party and mend fences, but in context, his words of regret that have been widely quoted are hardly abject. …

In my opinion, Donald Trump is becoming a formidable candidate. On the key issues that he talks about the most, he takes positions that are, I think, both right and popular, with one exception – trade. He has given a series of excellent speeches, more or less as they were written, thereby demonstrating a discipline that was sorely lacking earlier in the campaign. No one should underestimate his populist appeal, including his appeal to minority voters.

Hillary Clinton, who at the moment is resting up from the rigors of the campaign while Trump tours Louisiana – she is an elderly lady, after all – can only hope that her allies in the press block voters from hearing what Trump is saying.