My God, What if Trump Loses?

My God, What if Trump Loses? by David Cole. Don’t fall for the “lying polls” delusion:

[F]or a lot of pro-Trumpers, especially those who come from the alt-right fringe, this is their first time feeling like an active participant in a national presidential election. As a longtime GOP party hack, I can tell you that the “lying polls” line is not something you want to fall for. In 2008, many GOPs had convinced themselves that the polls were not to be believed because Americans were being untruthful with pollsters, as no white person wanted to admit he wasn’t gonna vote for the black guy. “But wait till they get in the voting booth,” we smugly assured ourselves. “Then they’ll vote our way.” And we all know how that turned out. …

So take some advice that I know you’re not going to take: Don’t buy the “lying polls” claim. Polls are imperfect, but generally they’re accurate. No pollster, even one who may be personally biased for or against a particular candidate, wants his name attached to a poll that predicts Dewey beating Truman. Personally biased as they may be, pollsters gotta eat too, and they know their job security depends on maintaining a record of reasonable accuracy.

The Republican Party establishment has been humiliated by Trump’s rise, so if Trump loses…

If Trump goes down … we’ll see the kind of vicious reprisals that occur every time a vanquished foe gets to retake lost ground and turn the tables on its former tormentors. Think in terms of the fate of French collaborators after the Nazis were routed. … Some people don’t like to lose, and some people are very unfamiliar with the term “gracious in victory.”

The pro-Trumpers have taken a tremendous gamble, one that carries no exit strategy. They have to win, because if they don’t, the old guard will come back — energized, angry, and able to say “told you so” — and a cleansing of massive proportions will ensue.

If Trump loses, Clinton may restrict free speech, fire right wingers. and make opposition to the left much harder.

Forney foresees that the greatest potential danger to the alt-right following a Clinton win would not be demoralization but outright prosecution:

“The main obstacle the alt-right — and indeed, all of Hillary’s opponents — will face is her all-but-certain clampdown on free speech.

I began my writing career barely six months into Obama’s first term, and in that time, outlets like Gawker have made a killing by using crowdsourced outrage via social media to get right-wingers fired from their jobs.

If Hillary gets elected, all of this is going to get worse, with the additional risk that the government itself will start cracking down on free speech. All it will take is one Hillary nominee before the Supreme Court declares that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to ‘hate speech’ (which will be defined as everything that upsets the left, as it is in Canada, Britain, and other countries). If that happens, game over.”

It’s about demographics. Game over.

To Forney, if the members of the establishment right think they can mount a “comeback” following a Trump loss, the joke’s on them: “If Trump loses badly, nobody aside from Hillary and her courtiers will have a seat at the table, because America as we know it will cease to exist.

This is why the #NeverTrump conservatives who dream of making a comeback in 2020 are delusional. This isn’t an election about ideas so much as it is about demographics.

The straight white men who built America are being systematically replaced, and when they go, America goes along with them. While Trump is no savior, he’s the first candidate in decades who has a chance of halting the Marxist tide.”