Australia: Employment surge comes at expense of taxpayers

Australia: Employment surge comes at expense of taxpayers, by Paul Cleary and Sid Maher.

Rampant growth in public-sector jobs and wages is exacerbating the nation’s debt and deficit woes and stoking concern among business leaders about continued government borrowing to pay wages bills.

An analysis of jobs data by The Weekend Australian shows that the rapid expansion in public-­sector employment and wages comes as workers in the private sector face increased job insecurity and record-low salary rises.

That’s the economic part of much of political correctness — nice taxpayer funded jobs, relatively secure and not too much competition involved. The PC are doing better economically compared to everyone else, which will only further fuel their confidence and make their demands for obedience even more outrageous. There is no end in sight to this trend, but it will eventually blow up the economy and the polity if it keeps going long enough.