On Terrorism in the West Today

On Terrorism in the West Today, by Claude Polin.

Every time a bomb explodes in the West it is a boon for journalists.  They photograph weeping people, tell us how implacable the government will be, and, without breaking stride, warn us that more is likely to come.

But so far I have never come across any serious reflection on the rationale for the bombings, nor any explanation of the true identity of the bombers.  They claim to be Muslims, but we are told Islam is a “religion of peace.” …

One answer that should immediately be discarded is to conquer Europe … [because] Europe is well on its way to being conquered without any war, without any terrorism.

Europe is slouching toward an (almost) painless and spontaneous surrender to Allah’s faith …  Europe is building mosques; Europe is adopting the halal diet; Europe is discouraging Christians from exhibiting the symbol of their faith; Europe’s property is gradually being bought by Muslim capital — and these facts are only the tip of the iceberg.

Considering the sheer rate of immigration and the incontrovertible facts of demography, it is clear that European civilization as we know it is on the verge of being submerged, all the more as European populations are losing any love for their own past, which has become meaningless to them, whereas they treat as a quasidivine blessing a commercial world without any national boundaries.

Most of the European populations, so long as they can continue to shop at the supermarket, fill their gas tanks, and watch ever stupider TV programs, are not willing to heed the warnings of modern Cassandras and consider the steady infiltration of their countries — by people whom they are urged to welcome as hapless, wretched “refugees” — to be a threat to them.  And can it be seriously doubted that the American people are following the same path? …

There will be a rude awakening for those who have refused to face reality.

hat-tip Stephen Neil