Milan ‘controlled’ by migrants after ‘invasion’, claims Lega Nord leader

Milan ‘controlled’ by migrants after ‘invasion’, claims Lega Nord leader, by Joey Millar.

Matteo Salvini, the outspoken leader of the anti-migrant and anti-Euro group, said parts of Italy’s most populous city ware now “neither Italy nor Europe” – following what he called an “organised invasion”.

He said: “I walked around Milan this morning and some areas of the city are neither Italy nor Europe. They are totally controlled by immigrants.

“The problem is to block an organised invasion that is producing the ethnic cleansing of Italians and Europeans. In a year we’ll be talking about hundreds of thousands of people arriving.” …

With migrants blocked from travelling further north into central Europe, Italian officials are now concerned about a growing bottleneck in its northern border towns.

Refugees in Milan

Huge numbers of migrants are now stuck at border towns in the north of Italy

David Miliband, a former British foreign minister who now heads the International Rescue Committee, added: “This is not a blip.

“The forces that are driving more and more people from their homes – weak states, big tumults within the Islamic world, a divided international system. None of these things are likely to abate soon.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil