Australia: Students asked to consider sex acts in school guide

Australia: Students asked to consider sex acts in school guide, by Rebecca Urban.

A new sex education guide being promoted by the research institute behind the Safe Schools program provides ­students with explicit descriptions of more than a dozen sexual activities.

La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society this month launched Transmission, a film with related educational activities that introduces its Year 10 audience to a range of highly sexualised terms that have not previously been canvassed in sex education curriculums. …

A focus on pleasure in addition to risk appears to be an emerging development in sex education.

Are our kids being groomed, en masse, by our government? Who benefits?

Among the handouts provided to students is a list of sexual terms including “analingus”, also known as “rimming” and “scissoring”. “Penetrative sex” is ­described as “when a penis or ­object is inserted into the vagina or anus”.

“Most parents and teachers would feel they’ve really gone overboard with this,” [Australian Catholic University’s senior research fellow] Dr Don­nelly said.

“The reality is the pressure is on young people to be sexually explicit and adventurous already but that doesn’t mean we have to endorse that by what we teach.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil