Abuse of Muslims is now mainstream. I never thought my children would see this

Abuse of Muslims is now mainstream. I never thought my children would see this, by Salma Yaqoob in the Guardian (very PC). The usual half-lies, lies by omission, non-sequiturs, and straw men, drilling the PC brigade in the unreal version of the world to be deployed at dinner parties and in political argument.

Hug a Muslim

Personally I would have thought for abuse of Muslims to be mainstream it would have to be in media such as the Guardian, yet it never is and instead we find rampant Islamophilia in the Guardian. The Guardian contradicts itself. Anyway, enough of the self-referential proofs beloved of mathematicians.

Really?, by Robert Spencer.

[This Guardian] article is a perfect exhibit of the victimology subterfuge that underscores “Islamophobia” propaganda.

Yaqoob presents an argument drawing a comparison between blacks and Muslims, which seems convincing on the surface. Indeed, blacks were shamefully taken as slaves historically and are further hated to this day for the colour of their skin by racists, which is abhorrent.

Although it is true that blacks are often looked upon with suspicion — as Yaqoob states — such suspicion is due to statistically high violent crime rates. Seeking to protect oneself based on statistical reality is not racism, although stereotypes can prove to be racist, depending on the level of those stereotypes …

Muslims are in a very different category of suspicion from Jews, nuns and blacks …. In the case of Muslims, news is pouring in daily that is side-stepped by Yaqoob, and it is not just “a few” incidents that taint the whole, as she argues. Some examples:

Thousands of assaults across the Western world, including rapes and sex assaults on children; widespread Muslim migrant crime, the threat of jihad attacks on large gatherings; calls by Muslim leaders for the expansion of sharia (sharia in courts, sharia financing, acceptance of sharia child marriages); murder for blasphemy (Charlie Hebdo); religious mandates to wage war against infidels and strike terror into them; calls by radical mosques for violence and hate against the West and against Jews, the call by Muslim clerics to kill gays; widespread Al Quds Day rallies inciting violence against Jews; the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for North America; the list of unindicted co-conspirators that emerged from the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case, in which virtually every mainstream Muslim organization was deemed to have ties to terrorism. Internationally, there is still stoning of women for being raped, rampant persecution in Islamic states against Christians, charters to obliterate Israel, the training up of children in the Palestinian Authority to wage violent jihad.

The silence on all this from Muslims such as Salma Yaqoob is troubling.

If the mission of Yaqoob is to gain public empathy for backlash against the Muslim community in the face of jihad terror, if such backlashes ever actually occur, then she needs to show a little empathy for the victims of the crimes inflicted upon infidels (including children).

Yaqoob also points out that the Catholic Church [apparently] had the biggest grooming scandal. It is because of people like her that the mainstream leftist media covers up the size of the atrocities globally committed by Muslim men against children, including boys. [e.g. Rotherham etc, 100,000 to 1 million non-Muslim English girls abused by Muslim men]

The bottom line:

The sizeable crisis that the West — in fact, the world — is confronting because of Islamic supremacism cannot be ignored. Muslims have to stop alienating themselves from Western society, start promoting honest discourse, and allying themselves with non-Muslims in a united fight for human rights, freedoms and pluralism.

They must, in word and deed, publicly oppose the human rights abuses and atrocities being committed by Muslims against other Muslims and infidels. But there are few Muslims doing this, and that should raise some serious questions.

hat-tip Stephen Neil