World will start COOLING DOWN in 2017, claims one of planet’s top climate change experts

World will start COOLING DOWN in 2017, claims one of planet’s top climate change experts, by Jon Austin.

ONE of the world’s leading climate change experts claims to have discovered mathematical anomalies which effectively ‘disprove’ global warming.

That’s interesting I thought. Someone else has noticed the relationship? Ah, it’s me they are talking about….

Planet Earth from space

Dr David Evans, a former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, says global warming predictions have been vastly exaggerated in error.

The academic, from Perth, Australia, who has passed six degrees in applied mathematics, has analysed complex mathematical assumptions widely used to predict climate change and is predicting world temperature will stagnate until 2017 before cooling, with a ‘mini ice age’ by 2030.

He says fundamental flaws in how future temperatures may rise have been included in the ‘standard models’ and this has led to inflated mathematical – and therefore temperature – predictions.

He said: “There is an intellectual stand-off in climate change. Skeptics point to empirical evidence that disagrees with the climate models.

“Yet the climate scientists insist that their calculations showing a high sensitivity to carbon dioxide are correct — because they use well-established physics, such as spectroscopy, radiation physics, and adiabatic lapse rates.

He said he “mapped out” the architecture of the climate models used and found, that while the physics was correct, it had been “applied wrongly”.

Came across this article repeated verbatim today, but it was from last year. Book coming soon, along with global cooling.