Political correctness before civil liberties: the so-called “NSW Council for Civil Liberties”

Political correctness before civil liberties: the so-called “NSW Council for Civil Liberties,” by Stephen Blanks, the head of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties. He starts with the premise that some speech should not be allowed:

Racial vilification laws in NSW need strengthening, but the NSW government is right to recognise it would be wrong to extend them to religious vilification. Extending them so that they apply to, for example, severe ridicule of people on purely religious grounds would not overcome any of the current defects within the laws, and would raise serious problems for the right to free speech.

Then he argues against speech critical of those politically correct mascots, the Muslims. Always the politically correct make special rules and throw aside all pretense of having principles when it comes to two issues: Islam and climate change.

Propaganda warning

The existing law already treats ethno-religious origin as being within the definition of “race” for the purpose of the prohibition on racial vilification. It is time that Muslims are incontestably recognised under NSW law as being members of an ethno-religious group. …

The NSW Council for Civil Liberties supports laws that provide remedies for racial vilification, including section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1995, because they do so in a way that does not improperly intrude on the right to free speech.

What a joke. Islam is a totalitarian political philosophy first, and a religion second. It’s certainly not a race, though it is based immutably on seventh century Arab culture. Here’s a hint: the penalty for leaving Islam is death.