Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below 100 euro

Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below 100 euro, by keeptalkinggreece. The future of economies run along increasingly socialist lines by the global elite is becoming apparent in Greece, which went into debt crisis before everyone else. The Greek bureaucrats now want to know everything about your financial situation. Always the accounting and information gathering system comes first, then gradually more and more invasive policies will be ushered in.

The long planned registration of all kinds of private wealth will go into effect in February 2017. More than 8,500,000 tax payers registered in Greece will be called to declare all moveable and immovable assets, their total “wealth”, and even cash they possess even if it is below 100 euro. Furthermore, the taxpayers will have to register changes in their assets when they occur and not annually.

The bureaucrats are demanding to know about all your private property, down to the last euro. They wouldn’t want to know unless they intended to redistribute it.

In the new scheme to have registered everything the troubled Greek owns, the taxpayers will have add moveable and immovable possessions such as paintings, antiques, jewelry, even historical weapon, etc but also the cash they have in their wallets or under the mattress.

“Taxpayers must declare all the cash they have in their hands, even one euro!” an official from the Finance Ministry told newspaper To Vima on conditions of anonymity.

The Greek finance ministry apparently does not know yet what value the taxpayers will have to declare if they possess a necklace and a ring, a painting made by the cousin and a sculpture made by the sister in the ceramics course. The Ministry has also no idea, who will estimate the value and how.

Monthly updates.

Within a month, the taxpayer will have to submit a modification statement, if there are any changes in his possessions status. “This will affect any case of property transfer or acquisition…”

Sounds like an external demand to justify another bail out. No one is going to comply with it and no one would really expect them to.

hat-tip Philip Barton