Crash Through or Crash: New adviser tells Trump to keep his rough edges and be an unabashed Nationalist

Crash Through or Crash: New adviser tells Trump to keep his rough edges and be an unabashed Nationalist, by Rhys Blakely.

Donald Trump hired a new aide to steer his presidential campaign yesterday, bringing on board a populist firebrand who has urged him to stay true to his combative instincts. …

A former naval officer, Goldman Sachs banker and Hollywood impresario, Mr Bannon has been urging the Republican presidential candidate for months to campaign as an “unabashed nationalist” – and to ignore calls from the party elite on Capitol Hill to rein in his scorched-earth rhetoric. …

The global elite hate nationalism. It is their kryptonite, their Achilles heel.

By hiring Mr Bannon, however, the tycoon appeared to signal that he has little intention of abandoning the mantra that first electrified his insurgent candidacy: “Let Trump be Trump”. … Mr Bannon has led investigations into Mrs Clinton’s financial links to foreign regimes and has ridiculed the political achievements of the Bush dynasty. …

A Trump win would upheave the Republican Party, so many Republicans, fearful of losing their sinecures, oppose Trump.

The appointments suggest that Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman, has been marginalised … For months Mr Manafort has asked Mr Trump to adopt a more conventional tone. By contrast, Mr Bannon is said to want him to embrace his status as a political outsider.

Mr Trump will begin his first large TV advertising campaign in battleground states this week.

A Trump win would also upheave the plans of the global elite. If Trump is elected the world will see some very serious hating from the global elite, to be brought to you by mainstream media everywhere.