How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable

How Bloomberg Spun its Own Poll Data to Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable, by Michael Krieger.

[T]his race is a lot closer than people think, and media headlines regarding polls are probably being spun across the board. Most people just read headlines and never bother to actually read articles, let alone dig into the underlying poll data to see what’s really going on. As such, people are being manipulated by the media into thinking that Clinton is inevitable when she isn’t.

This explains a lot. I’ve been shocked by the visceral hatred being spewed by pro-Clinton henchmen at [Green Party candidate] Jill Stein and her followers over the past few weeks. Such attacks make no sense unless Clinton people:

1) Know the election is much closer than the media is claiming.

2) Recognize Sanders supporters are not backing her to the extent media implies.

Which brings me to the final point. In its article, Bloomberg claims 93% of Democrats who backed Sanders support Hillary. This is a clever slight of hand because many Sanders supporters are not registered Democrats. A casual reader will come away thinking that 93% of Sanders supporters back Hillary, which is unquestionably untrue. Telling readers what percentage of Democratic Sanders supporters back Clinton tells you absolutely nothing. I’ve said for months that anywhere between 25%-33% of Sanders supporters will either vote Jill Stein or stay home. I stick to that prediction.

See also the recent Wentworth post on rigging elections. Before you can credibly rig an election, the polls have to say your candidate is going to win — or few will believe it when you rig the election count so they do.