Give Me Your Keys, Then We Can Talk About Open Borders

Give Me Your Keys, Then We Can Talk About Open Borders, by Jim Goad. This is an important piece, both for its forthrightness and for calling out the global elites. The global opposition to the global elite is finally finding self awareness, articulating their complaints and solutions. Naturally it is happening on the Internet. The US is the leader in this as in so many trends, so while we might smugly think things are not so bad in Australia it is only a matter of time before these currents reach our shores.

The transnational corporate and media elites who seek to smash borders and force 7.4 billion fundamentally incompatible human cattle together into a single inescapable One World Ranch claim that their motive is a lofty one — they seek to end perpetual conflict between nations.

That’s nice, but anyone with two unmedicated brain cells to rub together realizes that the end result of this daffy rainbow scheme would be perpetual conflict within what were formerly nations….

The leftist global elites—and there is no other kind of global elite—use the peasants like inanimate chess pieces in order to work out their own sick and warped guilt complexes.

  • They live in all-white neighborhoods while smearing as “racists” the poor whites who have no choice but to live alongside a black underclass that is openly encouraged to resent them.
  • They chatter and chirp about gun control while surrounding themselves with armed bodyguards.
  • And they push a world-without-borders scheme while making sure they’re safely ensconced behind high walls and electronic gates. …

Vatican walls in Rome

Pope Francis calls for open borders. This is the Vatican wall in Rome.

Walls are going up all over the world:

In 2014, Saudi Arabia finished building a 600-mile wall and ditch along the Iraqi border that includes fencing, towers, cameras, and is patrolled by 30,000 troops. But you won’t hear Hillary Clinton squawk about it, since the Saudis are reportedly floating about 20% of her campaign.

An article this year in The Atlantic stated that “Of the 51 fortified boundaries built between countries since the end of World War II, around half were constructed between 2000 and 2014.” The Economist recently predicted that Europe “will soon have more physical barriers on its national borders than it did during the Cold War.”

The author has had enough, and makes an interesting demand:

I’ve endured more pious, hypocritical indignation from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Ryan, and Hillary Clinton than one workin’ man should ever be expected to endure. No longer will I sit silently as they huddle safely in their fortified, high-tech Batcaves while castigating proles such as myself for not embracing and financing the hostile hordes they’re pouring into this country like so much fire and brimstone.

Until you give me your keys and allow me to pop by your walled-in mansions any time I want, you all need to shut your lying pieholes about open borders.