Politically correct class’s telling argument against dissent

Politically correct class’s telling argument against dissent, by Michael Sexton. Here’s a good question:

What is the source of power for the politically correct (PC) class in Australia where both the major political parties are frightened of offending this highly influential group? …

At first blush all this may seem somewhat puzzling because all politicians on both sides know [PC] views are not held at all in the general community or at least are not the subject of passionate concern in general society.

So why are most people in Australian public life frightened to contradict the conventional wisdom of the [PC] in these and other areas?

Sexton’s answer is that one we have been pointing out for years now: the media, academics, bureaucrats, lawyers, writers, and the boards and senior executives  of many large corporations are dominated by the PC.

These are the people ministers and parliamentarians deal with all the time and — quite naturally — they want their approval. They do not want to offend all these members of the [PC] by questioning any of their views.

The voters in marginal seats may not share the views of the [PC] but they surface only once every three years and between elections it is the [PC] that is a formidable daily presence.

The modus operandi of PC bullying:

The [PC] has no tolerance for differences of opinion and anyone in these institutions who contradicted its doctrines would find their career prospects sharply diminished.

It is one of the features of the [PC] that someone who rejects its views is not merely mistaken but dangerous, and so not entitled to be heard at all.

Yep, my wife and I can testify to that first hand on the climate imbroglio.

How all this happened so quickly — seemingly since the 1980s — in Australia is not an easy question to answer.

Our answer is that the root problem is the fight by the PC class to create and occupy well-paying taxpayer jobs and other economic sinecures for member of the PC gang. The gang exists to command the resources of government for itself. There is also the moral vanity aspect to motivate the foot soldiers, and the media people all want the plum positions at the ABC so toe the line. But dig into the PC people a little, and you will always find a pot of taxpayer money.