Australian kids, 5, in sex-change stories uni research trial

Australian kids, 5, in sex-change stories uni research trial, by Rebecca Urban.

My New Daddy

Children as young as five have been used for storytime sessions featuring books with transgender characters, introducing concepts ranging from cross-dressing to gender reassignment surgery, as part of a university study being used to advocate for the expansion of the Safe Schools program into primary schools. …

“Mommy begins transitioning, and Charles calls her daddy,” says the blurb for the book. “Daddy goes to see a doctor and has an operation. Charles now has a new daddy who loves him and he loves his daddy.”

Christian lobby group Family Voice Australia described the project as “utterly inappropriate”.

“It goes without saying that most five and six-year-olds haven’t even worked out the birds and the bees yet,” said Family Voice national policy officer Damian Wyld. “Extreme ideological agendas have no place in classrooms.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil