A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count

A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count, by Gavin McInnes.

The media cared about the sheer number of cases when 57 women said Bill Cosby raped them. If we brought the Hillary kill list down to 57, you’d be dealing with only the really, really spooky ones.

Like the one last month where a DNC staffer, who may very well have supplied Julian Assange with the classified emails that brought massive embarrassment to the party, was shot in the back of the head in the middle of the night.

Seth Rich was talking to his girlfriend on the phone when a gunman came up behind him, shot him to death, and left without taking anything at all. Rich was in a nice neighborhood that I’m told hadn’t had a murder in six years. The Assange link got eye rolls from the left until he personally offered a $20K reward for any information leading to an arrest. A Dutch TV host pressed Julian on this and asked if it was a murder accusation directed at Hillary and the subject quickly died. …

It seems too evil to be true, but as self-professed hitman for the Clintons Larry Nichols said, “The Clintons are bad people and I did bad things for them.” This is the part of the article where I make it clear I am happily married with many lucrative gigs I enjoy and a family I adore. As Roger Stone put it, “If I commit suicide, investigate Hillary.”

Dark indeed. Read the whole thing.

The DNC would love some death controversy to float around The Donald, but there simply isn’t any. All his bodyguards and staffers remain intact.

In fact, it’s very rare for dead bodies to pile up around any public figure who isn’t Pablo Escobar. You know where Donald Trump’s chef is right now? In his kitchen, making a sandwich. The Clintons’ chef is dead. He vanished after going on a hike in June of last year and was eventually found drowned at the bottom of a river. Chefs know a lot about the people they cook for. Sometimes too much.