Politically correct enforcement: “If you vote for Trump, I will divorce you and move to Canada”

Politically correct enforcement: “If you vote for Trump, I will divorce you and move to Canada”, by Sridhar Pappu.

In early May, when Dr. Thomas Stossel told his wife, Dr. Kerry Maguire, of his plan to vote for Donald Trump in the general election, she hit him with an ultimatum.

“If you vote for Trump, I will divorce you and move to Canada,” she recalled telling him. He tried to laugh it off.

“I’m serious,” Dr. Maguire told him.

Before this spat, through nearly 20 years of marriage, politics had never caused much friction between Dr. Maguire, a dentist who is the director of the children’s outreach program at the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass., and Dr. Stossel, a hematologist and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Having lived among very politically correct types, I can verify first hand that political correctness is enforced by social exclusion: say anything non-PC and your “friends” turn against you viciously until you come back into line. Sort of like a milder version of Islam, where they don’t literally kill you, only socially. It is abundantly clear they often put their political correctness ahead of friends or even family. Since their political correctness permeates so many aspects of their lives, I suppose it is bordering on a totalitarian ideology. Maybe this is just the endgame for groups that bully their way to the top.

In a separate interview later that afternoon, Dr. Maguire seemed unaware of her husband’s stance. She sounded confident that Dr. Stossel had been dissuaded from his support by friends, as well as her quasi-threat to leave him. When told by this reporter of her husband’s intent to go through with voting for Mr. Trump, she seemed shocked, if not angry.

“That is news to me,” Dr. Maguire said. “And I’ll be calling my attorney.”

After a pause, she went on: “I don’t think he will vote for him. But if he does, I hope he never tells me about it. For someone who is so reasonable in every other part of his life, and who expects people to have expertise, it doesn’t really link with the Tom Stossel that I know.

“I would just be disgusted on every level,” she continued. “And also a little fearful. Disgusted on the marriage level, but fearful for our society.”

My way or the highway Tom. It’s just more important than our marriage, because it’s “for society.” Go on, why not just introduce the death penalty for PC-apostates?

This is cult-like behaviour. How much damage is she willing to do to her own family in order to satisfy some need to “belong” to the cult?  Or, more cynically, perhaps she wants to divorce him anyway, and is merely looking for a grandstanding excuse to pretend she has some moral high ground. Would she excommunicate her children too?

hat-tip Joanne