UK Election Fraud: Is Britain Finally Waking Up To The Disaster Of Multiculturalism?

UK Election Fraud: Is Britain Finally Waking Up To The Disaster Of Multiculturalism? by James Delingpole.

If ever you’ve worried that parts of Britain now resemble some hideously corrupt, Third World Islamic basket case hell hole then you’re going to love Sir Eric Pickles’s gloriously robust report on electoral fraud. …

Pickles is attacking … the bankrupt philosophy of Multiculturalism and the entrenched, institutional political correctness that have made it all possible.

Islam, London 2006

London 2006

From the report, on “foreign languages” used at UK polling stations:

The languages spoken in polling stations (and other places such as the count) has recently become an issue with concerns that promoting the use of non-English languages could disguise coercion or influence within the polling station. This has not been helped by the Electoral Commission facilitating what it calls “community languages”. Such an approach undermines integration and leaves the door open to fraud. These are not ‘community languages’ – they are foreign languages.

Or on “booth capturing”:

Few people in the UK have heard of “Booth-Capturing”. In India and across South Asia it is a political phenomenon that is all too familiar. It is one of the most visible and outrageous illegal methods that are used to undermine democratic elections in the region.

Essentially, thugs working on behalf of a political party physically take over polling stations and use the threat of violence to prevent supporters of opposing parties from voting. (It helps that many parties have youth wings whose real purpose is the supply of necessary muscle).

Islam demo, Hyde Park, Sdyney 2012

Sydney 2012

James again:

Of course, these thugs speak in languages like Urdu and Bengali in order to make it harder for English speaking authorities – mainly the police – to prove that voters are being intimidated. …

Islam has been given the power to create a state-within-a-state in many parts of Britain, where Muslims have effectively been given carte-blanche to act outside the law of the land.

Multiculturalism is bankrupt in the face of Islam:

Multiculturalism means something much more specific than welcoming other races, religions, and cultures. It means treating them all as having equal value to your own.

This may sound nice and nurturing and open-minded in theory but where does it leave you when the cultures whose diversity you are celebrating embrace stuff like female genital mutilation (FGM), “honour” killing, wife-beating, Jew-bashing, gay-killing, the grooming and rape of underage kuffar girls and organised electoral fraud?

By the time the scale of the problem became widely apparent, the generation that they were inflicted upon had become too old to be listened to. The under fifties have no memory or knowledge of a relatively safe, peaceful and civilised country.

hat-tip Philip Barton