Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats

Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats, by The Smoking Gun.

In a post to his WordPress blog, the vandal–who previously provided nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails to Wikileaks–uploaded an Excel file that includes the cell phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of nearly every Democratic member of the House of Representatives.

The Excel file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel.

The hacker, Guccifer 2.0, branded the U.S. presidential elections a “farce” that is “being settled behind the scenes as it was with Bernie Sanders”:

I wonder what happened to the true democracy, to the equal opportunities, the things we love the United States for. The big money bags are fighting for power today. They are lying constantly and don’t keep their word. The MSM are producing tons of propaganda  hiding the real stuff behind it. But I do believe that people have right to know what’s going on inside the election process in fact.

Who is Guccifer?

While “Guccifer 2.0” claims to be Romanian and an “unknown hacker with a laptop,” cybersecurity investigators have concluded that he is part of a Russian intelligence operation.

Maybe. Maybe not. The FBI gave Hillary a pass over her obviously illegal email server and leaking classified material, saying they could not prove her motive when motive is irrelevant because it is a crime of negligence. Who can you trust in government any more?