Debate flares after black college students seek a non-white roommate

Debate flares after black college students seek a non-white roommate, by Nick Anderson.

Three students at the Claremont colleges in Southern California were looking for a fourth this summer to join them in an off-campus house. They added a caveat in parentheses: “POC only,” they said, using a common abbreviation for people of color.

When a classmate challenged that condition, the Pitzer College student who posted the notice on Facebook pushed back. “It’s exclusive [because] I don’t want to live with any white folks,” wrote Karé Ureña, who is black.

Fair enough, you should be able to associate with whoever you like. (Imagine if the state dictated the race and gender of who you could marry, for instance.) Trouble is, the state has been telling whites and men who they could associate with for years, and treating people differently on the basis of race … well that’s racism.

To some, Ureña’s request was completely understandable following a racially charged year when many students of color had demanded more support from the administration. To others, it was simple racism to exclude potential roommates based on skin color.

The politically correct want it both ways, as usual. Hypocrites.