UK: Man sentenced to slave labor for “grossly offensive” “anti-Muslim” remarks

UK: Man sentenced to slave labor for “grossly offensive” “anti-Muslim” remarks, by Robert Spencer.

What did Stephen Bennett say? “Don’t come over to this country and treat it like your own. Britain first.”

Other than that, all we get are vague characterizations of what he wrote, as apparently the Manchester Evening News doesn’t want to be hauled up on charges itself for reporting about what he said. So we hear instead that “one comment he made concerned Asian women, another was likely to be offensive to Muslims.”

For that, he got “a 12-month community order, with 180 hours’ unpaid work.” Unpaid work is slave labor. For the crime of offending Muslims. It doesn’t appear, at least from this report, that he called for any violence; he was just grousing and saying that Muslims in the UK should obey UK laws, which is a perfectly reasonable demand.

Free speech is part of the Enlightenment package that made western culture leap ahead and develop the political and technological advances that are drastically improving the lot of humans right around the world.

The antidemocratic trend back towards rule by unaccountable permanent government (of bureaucrats, academics and the media) is reducing free speech. This swing back to medieval values of rule by an aristocratic class and the outlawing of ordinary people who speak their mind is reversing the “direction of history” in the West, and throwing out the formula that made us so successful.

By punishing Stephen Bennett for this, Britain has shown that it is no longer a free country, but a country ruled by dhimmis anxious to bow to their Muslim overlords.

If Muslims in Britain make remarks that non-Muslims consider “grossly offensive,” would they be prosecuted and sentenced to slave labor? What do you think?

The hypocrisy is even more galling.


London 2006

Churches and homosexuals are banned in Saudi Arabia, and I don’t see our permanent governments in the West applying sanctions or even saying boo.

Note also how everyone concerned discusses whether or not Bennett is a “racist.” What race is Islam again? What race is jihad? No matter how many times I’m told, I can never remember.

Politically induced corruption of language and thought.

hat-tip Stephen Neil