An Elderly Trump Supporter was Beaten with a Crowbar — No Media Response

An Elderly Trump Supporter was Beaten with a Crowbar — No Media Response, by A.C. Spollen.

A 62 year-old man was beaten bloody with a crowbar last Wednesday. His crime? Wearing a “Trump For President” t-shirt.

According to Bloomfield Police, Peter Yankowski was walking on West Passaic Ave in the early evening when a stranger in a gray compact car approached him and demanded to know why he was wearing the t-shirt, screaming profanities from his car as he drove.

The driver followed Mr. Yankowski into a nearby Friendly’s parking lot on Broad St., promptly exiting his car with a crowbar and began beating the elderly Trump supporter, leaving him with injuries to his arms, hands and thighs.

While witnesses attempted to intervene, the suspect was able to flee before police arrived.

This is only the latest in a series of attacks on Donald Trump supporters in the past few weeks. Aside from the usual vitriol Trump supporters receive from the keyboard commandos of social media, they’ve been punched, tackled to the ground, bloodied and egged.



Over the past few years, we’ve seen left leaning pundits and news outlets turn a blind eye to the violence emanating from the “party of tolerance.”

One of the more shocking assaults happened on July 25 in Cleveland, Ohio. Darnell Hall shot another patron of Winston’s Bar after getting into a political argument. Paul Jones, a Vietnam vet, was talking to a friend about the presidential race and reportedly said that Donald Trump would make a good president. Apparently that innocuous comment left Mr. Hall so completely enraged that he shot Jones in the thigh.

Bet you didn’t hear about any of those incidents on our ABC in Australia. Not news perhaps? If it had been Hillary supporters being shot and beaten up, would we ever stop hearing about violent Trump supporters?