U.S. Air Force laments that it’s short of pilots — Is Political Correctness A factor?

U.S. Air Force laments that it’s short of pilots — Is Political Correctness a factor? by Tim Johnson. This is a standard push from the US Air Force for more money for pilots:

The U.S. Air Force faces a shortfall of 700 fighter pilots by the end of the year and as many as 1,000 pilots within a few years, Air Force officials said Wednesday.

“It is a crisis,” said Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff. “Air superiority is not an American birthright. It’s actually something you have to fight for and maintain.”


Current mainstay USAF air-superiority fighter, the F-15, which first flew in 1972.

Aggressive hiring by commercial airlines has helped thin the ranks of Air Force pilots, and lengthy deployments overseas, long separations from family and reduced flying time when back on U.S. soil have exacerbated the problem, Goldfein said.

But Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James said legislators on Capitol Hill, locked in partisan gridlock, shouldered part of the blame. She said lawmakers had failed to approve military budget requests that would increase retention bonuses for fighter pilots, which have been at $25,000 a year since 1999, to $35,000 a year.

But the comments are most interesting. Richard Thomas calls out the excuses:

MY F’ing ass. I’ve worked with DOD since 1983. Every section of Gov’t plays this game every time it wants more funds. … There is a lack of pilots? Really? Where are they going? … Look at the money a Military pilot makes compared to the average airline pilot. TRUST me, they are not leaving the military! The DOD has been feeding at the trough for several years now. …

While ex-USAF pilot DeShequan Kensingtonworth tells why he left:

Better jobs from civilian airliners? Long deployments? That may be some of it, but the true reason so many Airmen are separating (I just did) is because we’re fed up with the USAF’s bulls*t. Ever since General Schwartz, it’s been on a downward spiral. SECAF Lee has made it impossible for conservative, white males who are leaders and not followers to have pride in the Force. With all the sexual assault briefings, LGBTGALKJAS(*y*bijbKLJHB briefings, and other blue-skills bulls*t that is implemented almost weekly, it’s impossible for us to be an effective fighting force. Male pilots are A-Type go-getters and not the kind who would shut up and color when their transgender poly wolf-kin troop complains that there isn’t a gender-inclusive tree to pee on outside the squadron. F*k the Air Force.


The new plane, the F-35, is a dud. It’s a light bomber, not a fighter.

The USAF is flying 40-year old planes, it’s new plane is a dud (the F-35, see here, here, here, and here), and political correctness is reducing the moral and ranks of its fighter pilots. All failures of excessive bureaucracy and an entitled and under-performing political class. Remember NASA, which once flew people to the moon but now has no shuttle, hitches rides on Russian rockets, and is more concerned with Muslim outreach? Also a victim of bureaucracy and driving away talent. The world is changing, and it ain’t for the better.

On the many woes of the F-35, I recommend David Archibald’s book, Australia’s Defence.