The great silent majority may surprise Trump, Clinton and us all

The great silent majority may surprise Trump, Clinton and us all, by Monica Crawley in the Washington Times (a less PC newspaper). Good commentary on the state of US and western politics, at a moment of change.

Mrs. Clinton argued that while we have some serious issues, things aren’t dire. In fact, she indicated that we are well on our way to the progressive utopia, but we need to ramp up President Obama’s policies to get there. …

Mr. Trump confronted this miserable reality head-on, describing a nation in decline, crippled by economic weakness and uncertainty and escalating national security threats — because of the very policies Mrs. Clinton embraces. He went on to say the decline isn’t irreversible, but that time was short and new, strong leadership was required to turn it around.

His speech was less Reaganesque and more Nixonesque, in that he spoke to the current great silent majority with a simple message of law and order, economic populism, strong national defense and defeating the corrupt, rigged system.

Hillary Clinton may be the wrong candidate, perhaps a little late as the political mood changes:

But perhaps most damaging is that Mrs. Clinton is a charter member of the global elite and status quo at a time when regular folks are rejecting those things and sweeping their representatives out of power. Given the widespread anger, betrayal, anxiety and disgust at the bipartisan ruling class, Mrs. Clinton is perhaps the worst possible candidate to have been nominated.

But the polls say that Hillary Clinton, with the media in full support, is now romping it in:

Aug 11 US Presidential poll

Most interesting US election since 1980. By the way, in 1980 Carter was ahead in every poll before the election, yet Reagan won by 5 points. The silent vote that is not revealed to pollsters will favor Trump this time around, so if Trump manages to narrow Clinton’s polling lead to just a few points he may win.