Outrage at Julian Assange for implicating murdered DNC staffer in email leak; rumors of the long Clinton kill list

Outrage at Julian Assange for implicating murdered DNC staffer in email leak; rumors of the long Clinton kill list, by Martin Gould and Alana Goodman.

The mystery surrounding the [July 10] murder of rising Democrat star Seth Rich [in Washington] took a sudden sinister turn Wednesday with claims that he was responsible for the email dump that brought down close Hillary Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks, the organization that released the emails, announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to Rich’s July 10 death, hinting that Rich was responsible for leaking the documents.

Assange’s offer has also added fuel to the flames of conspiracy theories sweeping the Internet that the Democratic presidential candidate and her husband Bill were somehow involved in Rich’s death.

This has brought the old rumors to the surface, so dark they get no headlines but “everyone knows” about them:

Rich’s death – along with four other deaths in recent weeks – have reignited old rumors that Hillary Clinton and her husband will stop at nothing when they want to silence someone who could stand in the way of their political ambition.

On the face of it, such speculation seems ludicrous, but that doesn’t stop the talk. And after decades in the national spotlight Bill and Hillary have amassed enough enemies who are more than happy to point to the number of Clinton associates who have died before their time.

‘I’m not saying the Clintons kill people. I’m saying a lot of people around the Clintons turn up dead,’ Larry Nichols, who worked with the former First Family before turning against them told Daily Mail Online. …

Websites with names such as Whatreallyhappened.com, Clintonmemoriallibrary.com and Govtslaves.info obsessively list the deaths going back decades, desperately trying to pin them on Bill or Hillary. Most put the total at around 50. Others list nearly 80. Some go even higher.

They document people who have supposedly killed themselves or been murdered. Many have died in plane crashes. Other deaths have been put down to natural causes.

Violence in politics is not new. To note two recent examples, Islam is respected far more than Christianity in the Western media in part because someone who criticizes Islam risks being killed where as Christians are nice. So “Piss Christ” is lauded by the trendies, but no cartoons of Mohamed. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was an assassin for the Iraqi socialist party before realizing he could just take control himself — he “shot to the top” of Iraqi politics.

Hillary is a wildly poor candidate, yet no credible Democrats would run against her except a crazy old socialist Senator — who nearly beat her.