On Islamic Violence: Forget the Koran, Look to History

On Islamic Violence: Forget the Koran, Look to History, by Raymond Ibrahim.

The debate around Muslim violence all too often centers around doctrine—around what the Koran and Hadith (words and deeds of Muhammad) really mean and say. Forgotten in this debate is that Islamic scriptures are unnecessary in determining whether Islam teaches violence and war against non-Muslims.

History suffices.

Islamic history

[F]or roughly one millennium — punctuated by a Crusader-rebuttal that the modern West is obsessed with demonizing — Muslims waged unrelenting war on the West. And they did and continue doing so in the name of Islam. …

Muslims are still exhibiting the same imperial impulse and intolerant supremacism that their conquering forbears did.  The only difference is that the Muslim world is currently incapable of defeating the West through a conventional war.

hat-tip Stephen Neil