Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown

Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown, by Mike Cernovich.

Hillary Clinton recently had a breakdown on TV. The media is of course covering this up rather than having an expert medical panel on to discuss her health. Yet what happened to Hillary was obviously a sign of a head injury and stroke.

When a protester appears, Hillary freezes. … Notice how Hillary’s lips are pursed? She has completely frozen, and has lost control of her executive functions/pre-frontal cortex. …

Hillary’s health problems are well-known among the Secret Service. While still FROZEN, Hillary is rescued by a male Secret Service agent, who reassures her, “You’ll be OK.” He then tells her, “Keep talking.” The agent gave Hillary Gorilla Mindset coaching on the spot, and she was finally able to continue.

Hillary still suffers seizures. You can see her having a seizure here.

The media is covering up Hillary’s obvious health problems. Hillary has frequent coughing fits, a side effect of her anti-seizure medication. … Hillary tries playing off the seizure by acting as if she had a “brain freeze.” As my medical experts explained to me, patients who suffer seizures become experts at playing it off.

The press bias is outstanding.

Imagine if Trump had so much as a runny nose. CNN would impanel a group of medical experts to analyze his used tissues.

Yet when Hillary has a complete breakdown in public and suffers a seizure when talking to reporters, the press is silent.

The WR covered this from another angle previously. Hillary hasn’t had a press conference since 2015, presumably because she wishes to avoid questions like “do you have seizures?” or “what medications are you on?”.

The Democrats are running a very seriously damaged candidate — corruption as secretary of state, should have been indicted over emails, undisclosed seizures and presumably prescription medications, husband impeached for lying, proven serial liar, husband alleged rapist, Whitewater corruption, etc. The only thing she did well was marry Bill, so she gets the Clinton name. Hardly a great qualification for someone running as “first female candidate.”

Imagine how well the Democrats would be doing against a fresh, dynamic, good-looking candidate, say like Justin Trudeau, now PM of Canada. Trump wouldn’t stand a chance.

If the Republicans cannot win against Hillary, they cannot win against anyone. Not with the media so stacked against them.

Drug Testing Presidential Candidates, by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert.

Would you feel safe voting for a presidential candidate without knowing which prescription drugs he or she is taking?

If you said it is safe, perhaps you have never been around people taking powerful prescription drugs. Many meds influence decision-making, either directly or indirectly. You know from your own experience that you can make different decisions when you are hungry or tired. Prescription drugs often have side-effects on the body that can influence decisions. Do you want the nuclear codes in the hands of Big Pharma, in effect?

The Moist Robot Hypothesis … tells you how you can manipulate your body to get your mind where you want it. Almost any important change to your body results in some sort of mental change. For example, a boob job might increase confidence, and going for a run might reduce your anxiety. In fact, the simple act of forcing yourself to smile when you are unhappy can sometimes trigger your brain to activate the happy circuitry. …

When your body changes, your mind follows. The prescription meds says that very thing right on the warning label. Many of them even warn against suicidal thoughts.

UPDATE: There are some solid hints that Hillary has a drinking problem. The photos going around of her being stabilized up stairs could be because she was inappropriately drunk, which may point to a drinking problem.

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