PETA launches bid to change Eggs and Bacon Bay to healthy alternative

PETA launches bid to change Eggs and Bacon Bay to healthy alternative, by the ABC.

Animal rights group PETA has taken issue with the name of southern Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon Bay and is lobbying for it to be changed to a vegan alternative.

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania 7112

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania 7112

PETA Australia campaign coordinator Claire Fryer said the group had written to the Huon Valley Council requesting the location be known as Apple and Cherry Bay.

“Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area might as well be called Heart Attack Bay.”

What?! How do you know that eggs and bacon aren’t healthier than vegan food? And what’s that got to do with place names? Is there some new rule of political correctness that place names have to be healthy?

How much trouble is it for everyone to learn a new name, and for maps etc. to change? Just to please a bunch of power-hungry nitwits. If you let them have this change, they will be demanding two more by Christmas.

Ms Fryer said the group had not ruled out requesting other name changes around the country.

No locals want to change the name:

Some local residents the ABC spoke to thought the idea was a bit of a joke. One man, Doug, said locals were perfectly happy with the name.

“These single-interest groups ought to go overseas and annoy the shit out of ISIS,” he said.

The ABC gives the story a big treatment with three pictures, but cannot find a single local who wants the change. Talk about culture war.

Joanne Nova:

Their billion dollar ABC reports every irrelevant thought bubble a greenie group can dream up … So when a group concerned with animal welfare announces a frivolous bid to change the name of a bay to promote human dietary concerns they get instant ABC free advertising. When an Australian launches a group of 60 people including the former President of the Czech Republic  to try to keep the poor warm, it’s crickets from the ABC: go find a mention of Clexit.

The ABC works hard to keep the national conversation hyperventilating about irrelevancies. It’s why they have to be sold off, the people who want this kind of bread-n-circus pap sheet can pay for it.

No animals died in the naming of this story.