A sad comment on the passing of the old non-partisan media

A sad comment on the passing of the old non-partisan media.

Thanks Joanne!

In the last two decades the media in Australia has become more overtly politically partisan, as journalism schools and changing ethics turned reporters into political players — nearly all on the left. The journalists themselves used to fiercely resist the notion they were biased, but now it is so widely observed and obvious that they seem to have given up.

In the middle of a rather good article on the superannuation policies woes affecting the  Turnbull government, Judith Sloan today says in passing:

Another big hint for the government that it has seriously messed up is the endorsement of the measures by journalists and commentators working for left-wing media outlets, including the ABC.

Any sane Liberal treasurer would be aghast at the degree of backslapping from people who wouldn’t vote for the Coalition if their lives depended on it.

Once this comment would have been considered scandalous and proof would have been demanded. Even a year ago this would not have passed the editors. That this was allowed in The Australian shows how far the media has moved down the track of partisanship.